About Us

Lodhi Physiotherapy Clinic is situated in south Delhi and is a state-of-the-art clinic with modern equipment. Our clinic is ergonomically designed keeping the patients comfort in mind. All patients are assured of the best service in a very non-stressful ambience.

Values and beliefs

We believe in working to the core of its value to deliver the best possible treatment to its clients. It has worked upon providing the best medical experience and services to its patients by creating a brand of high quality operational excellence in treating the patience. The center specializes in treating patients with chronic pulmonary diseases and neurological diseases that may limit the mobility.


Lodhi Physiotherapy Clinic works upon a set of principles that the therapist follow prioritizing the health of the customer first. As an institute it is committed to comprehensive patient care by building a long lasting client relationship providing the best in class services to its patient.


Our fundamental goal is to achieve health outcomes that satisfy a client with a particular presenting condition. The team members at Lodhi Physiotherapy Clinic are all qualified professionals working ethically and efficiently.

Performance Management Process

The professionals at Lodhi Physiotherapy Clinic have expertise in caring for people of all ages, helping them overcome their ailments and reach their fullest potential. For them patient comes first and they aim to provide them with exceptional high standards of medical excellence. The majority of their clients are self-referred. They choose to use this Physio-care because they have been pleased with the outcomes that they’ve achieved in the past, or because they have been referred by family and friends who were so pleased with the service.

Lodhi Physiotherapy Clinic has created the international image standard that the Physiotherapists at the center use the latest technology with well-equipped instruments for the patients quick health recovery and also preventing the pulmonary diseases. They are focused on achieving the best possible results for all clients.