Do’s and Don’ts to if you have back pain

DO be mindful of your posture. In everyday activities, it’s important to start noticing what your body is doing. Slouching, sitting ‘skew-if’ or activating your abs.
DO regular stretching. For those with ‘donald duck’ posture focus on your hip flexors (mainly psoas major) and lats. For tose with the’c’ shape spine focus on your pec major, minor and your hamstrings. Back bends are great for everyone. The levator scapulae muscle should also be a focus.
DON’T sit down for long periods of time. This is going to cause shortening of your hip flexors and rounding of your shoulders. If you have a desk job, try to get up and walk around for at least 20 minutes every few hours.
DO strengthen your core muscle groups. This is more than just your ‘six pack’ abs. This includes your deep tranversus abdominis, internal & external obliques, pelvic floor, lower back and spinal muscles (mainly multifidus). It is also important to strengthen your scapula muscles responsible for retraction (eg trapezius)
DO deadlifts and squats (front and back). Check your form – there are a number of ‘how to’ articels on our website. Start light if you have to and don’t lift with your ego.
DON’T sleep on your stomach. This position puts the most amount of pressure on your neck and can cause constant head and neck pain during the day. Try to sleep with a pillow between your knees with legs straight.
DON’T look down all the time! As a society we are increasingly looking at our phones and devices all the time. Look up! Check out the world.
DO foam rolling. This is by far one of the best things you can do for your back. They are cheap as and worth it.
DO get massaged. I’m talking remedial massage – it should hurt! What you can’t roll out with your foam roller is perfect for a masseuse to get into. Do it.
DO keep hydrated. The discs in between your vertebrae are (among other things) filled with water and when you are dehydrated it can cause your back pain to flare up because of reduced ‘spongy-ness’.

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