Why Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a globally recognized field in health care sector. Following are some international recommendations about physiotherapy based on latest researches. Which proves it to be the best choice of treatment. Manual Therapy is the first choice of treatment for Neck Pain (Bone and Joint Decade 2000–2010 Task Force on neck pain and Its Associated Disorders. Physiotherapy is the first treatment of choice for Shoulder pain as per British Medical Journal 2013. Physiotherapy is the first treatment of choice in Spinal Stenosis (Where the canal space is compromised for nerves and blood vessels in spine).American Physical Therapy Association (2015). Structured exercise and Spinal manipulations are preferred choices of treatment for Disc prolapse (North American Spine Society, 2012) In 2014 Osteoarthritis Research Society International published guidelines for the treatment of Osteoarthritis which includes following Physiotherapeutic Intervention in osteoarthritis biomechanical correction, exercises (land-based and water-based) strength training, Electrotherapy (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, Ultrasound and Neuromuscular electrical stimulation). In Tennis elbow supervised Exercise therapy is the first treatment choice (The Scientific World JournaL, 2012).
I have cervical issue, age related changes are there in MRI, shall I wear collar?

Cervical term is used for neck in medical terminology. As per latest researches 55% of age related changes are there at the age of the 30 years, 90% age related changes are there at the age of 50. So don’t get worried about MRI reports. MRI findings needs to be correlated with clinical presentation (Signs and symptoms), that is why MRI reports have a common opinion by Radiologists “PLEASE CORRELATE CLINICALLY ’’.

Cervical collar is a passive support to the neck, it is an option in early stages of treatment .Neck exercise are the main stay for neck muscles strengthening so it can support neck without any collar. If your neck muscles are strong enough to support the neck, than collar has no treatment value to you.

What are your Post-operative Physiotherapy services?

After any surgery Physiotherapy is a must now. We provide these services with utmost care and individual attention. We also provide home exercise program with images of exercises, written instructions with exact dosage and frequency of exercise, so that when the patient is unable to come to clinic they can perform exercises on their own.

I have been advised Surgery, can your treatment help me to avoid it?

Sometimes surgery is unavoidable, but for every good Orthopaedic expert conservative treatment is the first choice. Different age groups have different orthopedic issues, Medicines/injections/Surgery/Physiotherapy are the treatment options for them. Safest treatment option without any side effect is Physiotherapy. As per international standards Physiotherapy is advised before and after surgery for almost every orthopedic surgery. Pre-operative therapy improves the prognosis of Surgery and reduces the stay in hospital after surgery. Post-operative Physiotherapy helps in restoration of function in a safe and efficient manner and reduces the complication of surgeries.

What makes you different than other treatment centers?

We explain our clients the rationale behind their problem (pain, limitation)? And how our treatment is going to solve the problem by setting realistic goals like age related changes in the body can’t be reversed, but yes, your problem can be solved by functional correction.

What type of exercises are good for me?

Exercises prescription is based on goals and present status of the individual. Visit us once we will prepare an individualized program for you.